Photo on 01.01.13 at 01.47 #2What is My Herbal Journey About?

I started this blog to write about my journey with the plants. To share what I’m learning. But after some time I realized that something was missing. I felt stuck. I didn’t feel inspired to write. And then I understood that what was missing was the sacred, that spiritual connection to the earth, to the plants…to the divine. It was the invisible healing I was most interested in, little things that make up life. There is something different between popping a pill and drinking a cup of hot herbal tea, sipping it slowly while hearing the rain drum against the window. One feel mechanical, the other sacred.

In short this blog is about everything sacred. Living life in touch with both ourselves, nature and divinity, and how to use herbs to heal our body, mind and spirit.

Perhaps you come here in need of healing, perhaps you need to rest. I invite you to visit The cottage in the Woods.

About Me

I’ve long had a sneaking interest in herbs. I remember gathering horsetail around our house and giving it as a beautiful bouquet to one of my mom’s guests. I’m not sure she understood the love I had put into picking those weeds for her and I just assumed she knew she could make them into tea. I must have been around 4 years old.

My mom taught me a few things like digging up certain roots for food, or that plantain could be used to heal wounds. Besides that my love for herbs fell into a slumber until I was much older.
I remember sitting in one of my favorite cafes with two close friends. We were talking about what where we wanted to go with our lives. I had long been wanting to study something holistic, but never really had the courage to go for it. One of my friends asked that if I could do anything I wanted without fear of failure, what would it be?

In my minds eye I saw myself walking through the forest gathering herbs into a basket. The idea of becoming an herbalist stirred something within me. A deep longing for something magical and perhaps something that my soul recognized.
That’s how my herbal journey began. I began studying herbs while living in California, and now that I’m back in Norway I learning to recognize what grows here, which plants can be used for medicine. I feel I’m connecting to my roots.



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  1. Hallo!!!
    We are fairies with roots in both Norway and the United States who have much to share with each other, methinks!! I live in Norway too, and resonate with so much that you write. Thank you for sharing YOU with us. 🙂
    I would like to connect with you if you are willing!
    Gently, Margaret

  2. Ooops! My reply was posted immediately this time. Would you be good enough to keep my info and erase my reply? Takk! 🙂

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