Summer Solstice 2013

leveil_du_coeur-largeFor some reason not known to me, I woke up really early on June 20, the day before the summer solstice. I got up and then wondered if I should return to bed because I was still tired.

I hesitated while standing in my living room, my eyes being drawn to our three big windows. It looked really pretty outside, all misty in the moments before dawn, and I decided to go for a short walk. I thought I was too tired to stay out long, but I wanted to experience the magic of the morning when I had for once managed to wake up in time to see it.

I walked, and continued walking, being unable to stop because everything was so beautiful, magical. The birds were in full song, announcing the rising of the sun.

At one point I turned to see the sun coming up behind the mountains, making me really happy. I hadn’t known exactly where it rose until that moment, and I wanted to know because part of my solstice ritual is to take in the sunrise with everything I am.

I kept walking for some time, stayed out longer than an hour. I would stop sometime to watch the trees, the glittering water, the dew on the grass, sun rays filtering through leaves. Then the mosquitos would start to bother me and I would keep moving.

I picked white flowers with a yellow center that I thought would fit beautifully for the summer solstice. Apparently the druids thought the color of the sun was white..

I believe the flower is called oxeye daisy ins English.

On the morning of the solstice my husband got up before the crack of dawn. We got dressed in silence. When we walked outside the sky was a faint, beautiful pink. We reached the little mountain and climbed into the circle of trees and shrubs, and waited, watching the sky in silence. Everything grew brighter. The birds were singing loudly and tiny mosquitos were happily, and annoying floating in the air around us.

The sun never came. That is, it was hidden behind thick clouds. I heard pats of rain on the leaves all around me. I loved the sound, and did not mind it at all, though I wished I had been able to see the sun. We had expected that it might be cloudy after seeing the weather forecast the day before, so we weren’t too disappointed.I feel I will visit that spot many times from now on, and see other sunrises.

Coming home I sat down to sing the Gayatri Mantra, before slipping into bed for a few more hours of sweet sleep.

I wanted to share something with you that spoke to me deeply the first time I read it. When I see the words they go straight to my heart. It truly is how I feel about spirituality.

In everything that is life is the law written. You find it in the grass, in the tree, in the river, in the mountain, in the birds of heaven, in the fishes of the sea; but seek it chiefly in yourselves. For I tell you truly, all living things are nearer to God than the scripture which is without life. God so made life and all living things that they might by the everlasting word teach the laws of the true God to man. God wrote not the laws in the pages of books, but in your heart and in your spirit. They are in your breath, your blood, your bone; in your flesh, your bowels, your eyes, your ears, and in every little part of your body. They are present in the air, in the water, in the earth, in the plants, in the sunbeams, in the depths and in the heights. They all speak to you that you may understand the tongue and the will of the living God. But you shut your eyes that you may not see, and you shut your ears that you may not hear. I tell you truly, that the scripture is the work of man, but life and all its hosts are the work of our God. – Essence Gospel of Peace

What do you think?

How did you greet the summer solstice?





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