Preparing for the Summer Solstice

Petites_maraudeusesMy heart and mind are preparing for the summer solstice. The brightest day of the year. I feel my life is bright in its own way, full of dreams and potential for wonderful things. I feel a responsiblilty to bring my dreams into the world, like it’s not just about me anymore. What if I could help people somehow, in some way? I would love that.

I’ve always wanted to connect with the earth and the stars. I felt there were teachings to be discovered by observing nature, by looking at the constellations. Maybe there’s a purpose to everything, even the smallest of flowers, or the tiniest of insects.

The summer solstice was always special to me, even as a little girl. In a way I grew up celebrating it every year.

In Norway we still hold onto the pagan tradition of having a big bon fire on the eve of June 23, which is not actually the Summer Solstice, though I did not know that as a child. I was told we were celebrating the brightest day of the year by building a fire.

Anyway, we call it St. John’s day and I find it fascinating. I feel it’s a connection to a distant, and much more spiritual past. Now we play games and eat food around the fire, but perhaps in ancient times it was more about the connection with the divine.

June 23 is also my birthday. And of course as a child I loved that I got to celebrate during the day by opening presents, eating cake, and then in the evening to gather with other people from our town around a huge fire, playing games and indulge in more good food.

This year I will get up before dawn on June 21, and be in nature as the sun rises. I will wear yellow and carry yellow flowers to symbolize the sun. Beyond that I want to connect with something deep within myself.

I think many of us have celebrated the Solstices and Equinoxes in past lives, and perhaps we remember something. There’s a feeling, a special longing which we can’t put into words. I want to feel what I need to do, what it is that I yearn for. Perhaps I will sing, pray, or just be in silence.

Do you celebrate the summer solstice? If you do, how do you celebrate it?










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