Perhaps it was providence

listening_to_his_sweet_pipings-largeToday was a mysterious day. The train into the city was delayed by 30 minutes and I ended up talking with a beautiful Canadian lady, who mentioned a retreat place not far from where I live. She said she loved it there.

I didn’t even know such a place existed, and I was curious. I’m always looking for more kindred spirits in my life, and truth be told I’ve been feeling rather lonely lately. The Canadian woman was a kindred spirit for sure, though I might never see her again.

Turns out this place has events happening throughout the year, and you can even show up there uninvited to spend some time in silence and beauty.

Time will tell if this means something. It just seemed like such an odd coincidence. Perhaps the divine is shaping my life into something wonderful.

I did however feel very sick towards the end of my city trip. No, it was not a bad cold, instead I had a nice case of menstrual cramps. I felt clammy, naseous and desperate to lie down. I felt like fainting at one point and it was horrible to think I had over an hour of travel time before I could collapse on my coach.

The good thing about cramps however, is that when they’re finally gone life becomes simple wonderful. I fully appreciate the beauty of not being in pain and I usually fall asleep, happily relaxed and smiling.


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7 thoughts on “Perhaps it was providence

  1. If we let go of pressure and trust the universe, the divine guides us to the places we are longing for. It is not always easy to overcome our fears, I so know it by myself, but afterwards we are so much bigger and fullfilled to start over and over again with the growing process.

    So nice that you could let go of your cramps and feeling light and relaxed again.
    Wish you a beautiful day

  2. It’s amazing to be able to let go and just trust that things will work out, or at least end up the way they’re supposed to, and that I really don’t need to fight so hard to control my life.

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