My Herbal Ally – Lady’s Mantle

freyaI’ve found my herbal ally. I stumbled upon her some weeks ago. She was nothing more than cloud shaped leaves back then, and yet I knew what she was. I felt her smile at me.

Now I visit her often. She has yellow flowers and tall grasses has grown all around her, making her seem rather insignifcant compared to everything else.

I wasn’t looking for an herbal ally, but something inside me recognized her and she whispered that I needed her, that there was something I needed to learn, to remember.

Whenever I’m near her I get the feeling there is indeed something I’m supposed to remember. Something I once knew, yet have forgotten. It keeps eluding me.

She speaks to me of the Goddess. She feels like gold, like a radiant treasure that most people would not recognize because of her humble appearance.

She is a very magical plant.

I’ve made tea from her dried leaves and flowers. It became liquid gold. It tastes pretty pleasant.

In describing Lady’s Mantle flower essence, Tree Frog Farm writes:

“Brings gentle joyful peace to the mind of your heart and your whole body. Calms emotional shock to the heart, by inviting the Divine into the sympathetic nervous system and corresponding levels of the electromagnetic system. Encourages self-love.”

Reading this renewed my faith in my own intuition. It’s easy to doubt what you feel. But now I’m sure I was meant to meet Lady’s Mantle.

I think my heart broke, many years ago from trauma, from grief. I lost my mom, my dad, my sister. At the same time I’ve hold onto enormous self-hate, always feeling that I was not enough.

I’ve felt like a ghost of my true self for a long, long time. I think I will share more about this later, but during my time of grief I began praying to the goddess, my divine mother. I clung to her and she helped me through the hard times, yet I was afraid of the love I felt from her and I often pulled away.

I think Lady’s Mantle is asking me to not be afraid, to be with the Goddess fully, wholly.

Have you ever felt love from the divine? What did you do? Were you able to embrace it?

Nordens_flora_Alchemilla_vulgaris_cleanThe story behind the name

Lady’s Mantle (Alchemilla mollis) got its common name from the Virgin Mary. I remember hearing a story about the plant when I was little.

Mary had travelled for a very long time and needed a drink of water, and yet there was none to be found. Then she saw the dew gathering on the leaves of a small plant and was able to quench her thirst, and from then on it was called Lady’s Mantle (perhaps because the leaves looks like a tiny mantle.)

Those were my own words. I’m not exactly sure how the story went.


I’ve picked out a few things about Lady’s Mantle from my book on medicinal herbs in Norway.

  • It has long been considered a woman’s herb, a treasure to be used for womens health and was thought to be under the protection of a feminine deity. Up here in the north they believed it to be Freya, goddess of love and fertility.
  • Women would gather the herb during the waning moon to use as medicine for menstrual difficulties and to heal wounds.
  • The alchemists used the drops of water made by the leaves in the attempt to make gold, and gave the drops names such as ‘heavenly rain’ and quinta essentia (light of nature, or fifth element).

It seems to me that there are legends and stories hinting at the spiritual qualities of Lady’s Mantle. Still its true meaning remains hidden, a secret, and I do feel that we’re not suppose to know unless we truly seek to find answers for ourselves. The same way that its always more powerful to personally experience divinity, and the two seem connected somehow.

Uses for Lady’s Mantle

The plant is in the rose family, perhaps that’s why it has such a spiritual affinity to the heart.

  • Eases menstrual pain
  • Heals wounds
  • Used for excess menstruation, and bleeding in general.
  • Tones the cardiovascular system
  • Can be used later in pregnancy to prepare the body for labour. Its astringent qualities can help prevent hemorrage. (Drink 1 cup three times a day about 6 weeks before labour). Can be drunk after pregnancy as well.
  • Stimulates production of milk.


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  1. I have just planted twenty lady’s mantle xx around water x
    Thank you for letting me know its magical qualities xx
    Take care xxx

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