My favorite kitchari recipe

I had more energy today. And I felt inspired to cook. I got up feeling rested and put on my favorite green skirt and a top. Wearing a skirt makes me feel magical and witchy, more in touch with the flow of life.

On today’s menu was kitchari, an ancient, healing ayurvedic dish that I’ve heard much about since getting into herbal medicine. I’ve made it before, and to tell you the truth I didn’t like it. My husband hated it. But I recently came across a cooking video that inspired me to try it again. You can watch it below. You can find a link to a list of the ingredients in the video description.

I began preparing the food in awareness. My teacher once told me that if I prepare my food consciously it will taste delicious, and that seems to be true. I’ve also found that if I make dinner feeling tired and upset, it rarely taste very good.

I also listened to  and , which both teaches and inspires me.

I have to add that before I made the kitchari, I made ghee. For a while I avoided making ghee since I just figured I could use butter, but ghee actually taste better than butter! Not only that but ghee feeds your digestive fire, and helps to ground you. I drenched my ktichari in ghee.

My kitchen also smelled yummy after making the ghee. And the spices in the kitchari gave off a beautiful aroma on their own. For the first time I can honestly say that I LOVE kitchari. It tasted amazing. And I didn’t even follow the recipe to a tee as I used root vegetables instead of greens, didn’t have coconut and forgot to add the coriander seeds. I think it will be even better next time I make it. My husband thought it was Ok. He still prefer his pasta, but perhaps in time he’ll come around. For now it means more kitchari for me. Drizzling extra ghee on top helps pacify Vata. I can’t get enough of the ghee.

Kitchari is a complete protein since it has both rice and beans in it, and is often given to the sick and elderly since it’s so healing and easy to digest. But it’s suited for everyone. It cleanses the body and people sometimes go on a fast where they only eat kitchari for a certain amount of time to help rid the body of toxins. They say this also aids weight loss, and heals pain in the body.

I found that eating kitchari made me feel warm all over, and that it felt good on my stomach. I didn’t have problems digesting it at all, and I’m often plagued with poor digestion. I can tell my body craves kitchari and will have some more today.

I’ll end this post with another video, where someone shares their experience with being on a kitchari fast.








Rose and Lavender Room Spray

IMG_1743I love rose. I can’t think of a better herb to heal a broken heart and to lift one’s spirit. For Christmas this year I made a rose and lavender room spray for family and friends, and it seems to have been a success. Lavender is also a very soothing herb. I have a bag of dried lavender flowers in my cupboard that I use for tea, and I just love breathing in that relaxing scent. Lavender has a way of bringing me back to myself.

I have a bottle of the room spray sitting on my nightstand, and I like to spray it in the air and on my sheets before going to bed. I’ve also used it after vacuuming to freshen the room from all that dust. The recipe is so simple.

What you’ll need:

  • An empty spray bottle, around 4 oz.
  • Rose water or rose hydrosol.
  • Lavender essential oil

Simply fill your bottle with rose water, and add about 15 drops of lavender essential oil. Shake. Let it stand for a few hours, or better yet a a day or so, as it seems to take some time for the scents to blend properly. Spray in the air and enjoy. Add more lavender if needed.





Finding my way in life

boreas-largeA lot of times I want to write, but don’t. I want to express myself, but instead keep quiet. Fear takes over, fear of being visible and volnurable. Fear about what others might think of me. Guilt also nags at me, saying I’m never good enough and that I’m taking way too long to find my way in life. What is it that I want?

Herbs give me great joy and it is my dream to learn enough to be able to help people. As the new year began I decided to honor that dream and put new effort into my herbal studies. But my guilt is not happy. It asks me how I can make a living out of it, and how to tell other people that this is my chosen path. Maybe I’m imagining it, but I often feel judged for not having a ‘real’ job or a ‘real’ education. But I think in the end it’s me judging myself, and other people sensing my confusion.

I would like to share more of my feelings and thoughts with those who are coming to this site. I know that’s what I appreciate reading when visiting other people’s blogs.

The truth is that I’ve been struggling to find myself for years. My spirit and inner light has been drowned out by worries, guilt and grief for a long time. I lost my mom, dad and sister at a young age. I still miss them, and there is a pain that sits deep within me that it’s hard to reach, and when I do I break down in tears. Lately I’ve felt stronger, happier…but still confused about who I am, and what to do with myself. I have a husband that I love, and my life is good. I feel it is time to allow myself to express myself without fear, or at least write even when the fear tells me not to.

I want to spend time to listen to my heart. What is it saying? What does it need? What is it that brings me joy, and how can I use it to one day help others?

I would love to hear from you, to know what you think and feel. Do you know what truly brings you joy?