The Many uses of Lavender Essential Oil

Hold a bottle of lavender to your nose. Inhale deeply. Now. How do you feel?

Lavender is the one oil I always have sitting on my nightstand. Why? Well mostly because it’s such a relaxing scent, but there are a ton of uses for lavender essential oil. It really is a medicine cabinet in a bottle.


At night I like to put a dab of the oil on my third eye and temples. I do this for my husband as well and it helps him unwind from long hours in front of the computer.

During the day I like to combine it with other oils, or just use it by itself in a diffuser. The scent is so soothing and it gently calms me when I feel nervous.

Kills viruses AND bacteria

Lavender is both antibacterial and antiviral which means it’s great to have around when someone is sick. Once I was staying at a cabin with a very sick friend for several days. I didn’t have a diffuser with me, and would apply lavender to my temples and under my nose to purify the air I was breathing. I was surprised when I never caught whatever she had. I’ve also done this when my husband was sick, and of course used it on him as well.

Ideal when traveling

When traveling I also like to bring lavender with me. It’s a rescue remedy when I feel frazzled from lack of sleep, bad food and too many people at once. I often reach for it while on the plane where the air tends to feel especially bad.

Only last week it saved me from becoming totally stressed out after days of traveling. I bought a small bottle from the local health food store, (I had forgotten mine and all my toiletries at home) and used it as perfume the rest of the trip.

A natural disinfectant

Lavender can also be used when cleaning your home. If you make your own cleaning products you can add a few drops of oil for a beautiful scent and natural disinfectant. The easiest is to just put water and lavender oil in a sptrizer bottle, but you can also add vinegar, liquid soap etc. Lavender makes cleaning a lot more enjoyable.