Rowan Tree Berries

I went for a walk today in the countryside of Norway. Yes I’m back in my home country, maybe or maybe not for good. I’ve only been here a few days but already I feel the change in energy very soothing to my spirit. I feel like resting. Fall seems like a good time for rest and reflection.

I walked past some lovely rowan trees, their branches heavy with red berries. I’ve always felt attracted to the rowan tree though I never really knew if it had a purpose besides looking beautiful. My mom would pick a few branches for decoration in fall and I loved looking at the tree while playing next to the forest behind our house, though I soon realized that the berries were not tasty at all, and I could almost never reach them anyway.

This tree feels magical to me. There are many myths and legends surrounding it. It is said to ward off witches and that it once saved the god Thor from drowning. I suppose it’s not widely used however, because I could not find many recipes using rowan berries, besides making them into jam. I picked a few clusters of berries on my walk and I’ve decided to dry them to later make tea.

It’s such a healing experience to be in nature and to gather herbs. I also picked red clover by the ocean side. Mmm. They smell like sweet honey.