How to Make Composition Powder

It can be a fight sometimes to find time to make herbal medicine. In the East West course manual, one of the first remedies I’m asked to make is composition powder. For one reason or another it took time for me to actually buy the ingredients and make the formula.

I’m waiting right now to take my first sip of my composition powder tea. So what exactly is composition powder? What is it’s purpose? I was wondering the same thing and did some research.

Not very long ago this herbal remedy used to be a stapleĀ  in people’s kitchens. They would use it for colds, flues, indigestion etc. It is both stimulating and heating, and is safe even for children.

How to make composition powder


16 parts bayberry root
8 parts white pine bark
8 parts ginger
1 part cloves
1 part cayenne

Grind the herbs into powder and combine. Store in a container of your choice, in a dark cool place.

How to Use

Stir a teaspoon of the powder in a cup of hot water. Let it steep for about 15 minutes. It is recommended to drink the powder as well as the clear liquid for its stimulating effects.

My Experience

My experience with composition powder is still limited. But my first impression is that it aids indigestion. I drank my tea after eating a heavy meal and very soon after I felt things move along in my stomach. The powder also felt nice and warming, and helped against the slightly sore throat and ear ache I was experiencing.

I might experience with different ways of taking the powder. It does not taste bad, but I find drinking the powder to be somewhat unpleasant. I have a feeling I will continue using composition powder a lot for various ailments.