I’m sipping chamomile tea in my big yellow cup before bed. It’s a simple tea, and not at all flashy or exotic. It’s one of those herbs that everyone knows about and I think because it’s so common we can easily overlook its power. Yes chamomile is gentle and sweet. It’s safe for children and it’s soothes a queasy stomach or an anxious heart.

But there is strength in that little yellow and white flower. Drinking a strong chamomile tea can make you extremely sleepy, enough so that you can barely stay awake, pretty much like how I feel now. But I’m still writing as there is someone in the bathroom and I still have to brush my teeth before jumping into bed. But even drinking a strong tea during the day after a good nights sleep will make me tired.

Anyway, I wanted to make a tribute to this sweet little herb with hidden power. Chamomile seem to me like those gentle people that are soft spoken and almost frail looking, but that has a strength about them that is revealed when tested.

I like to drink chamomile tea after a heavy meal to help my stomach digest everything. Chamomile is a bitter herb which is something you will notice if you brew a strong enough tea. In fact strong infusion of chamomile can be powerful enough to break up kidney stones! Of course it will also be almost impossible to drink, that’s how bitter it is.

Chamomile also helps digest the troubles of life. I’m a very anxious person by nature but with each sip of my tea I feel the anxiety in my stomach subside and I start to relax.

Chamomile has been loved since ancient times. There has been books upon books written about it. Here is a short summery of some of the things you can use it for.

  • digestive aid
  • helps you sleep
  • help you relax
  • calms frazzled nerves
  • soothes a tooth ache
  • heals eye problems such as pink eye and dry irritated eyes. I haven’t had the chance to try this one. But all you need to do is soak two teabags, let them cool and place them over your eyelids. Leave them for a bit and then discard. Reapply new teabags as needed. The chamomile will absorb impurities in the eye and heal it.

I’m going to have chamomile on hand at all times. It’s only recently that I’ve understood how useful this herb is, especially do deal with my anxiety and help me relax. I like to buy the loose herbs and brew them in my teapot as they seem more potent than the teabags.

If you haven’t already I would suggest you take some time to get to know chamomile. Drinking the tea and notice how the herb feels like inside your body, smell it and  put it in your bath to relieve stress. Welcome chamomile into your life like a long lost friend with many gifts.

I buy my chamomile here.

Autumn Equinox Ceremony

As promised, here is the video of the Autumn Equinox Ceremony that I took part in. There was a lot of work done beforehand to make it happen, and the learning I went through was intense and beautiful at the same time.

Here are two articles that explain the spiritual meaning behind the ceremony.

A Ceremony to Celebrate the Autumn Equinox

The spiritual meaning of the Autumn Equinox

I am the girl holding the picture of Mary, or rather the Divine Mother. This was a sacred event to honor our Divine Mother who fights for us and who is with us always.