In Norway seeking wild rose

I’m in Norway, visiting friends and family while always keeping a lookout for herbs, especially wild rose.

I love the fresh air and magic of Norway. Everything feels more wild compared to California. Even the plants speak louder here. I wish with all my heart to be able to live somewhere where I can pick herbs in the forest every day.

It’s August and when I’m looking for wild rose I’m really looking for the last roses of summer. I’ve found only a few. Oh how beautiful they are! A deep purple and a thousand times more fragrant that those that grow in people’s gardens.

My aunt has a big heart and took me for a drive to look for roses after I explained how much I wanted to make rose honey. We found only a few roses, hardly enough to fill my jar. But perhaps I will find more later on.  My aunt also said that no one in her family likes honey, so she gave me 1kg og it! A big box of beautiful raw honey.