Attar Perfumes

Attar perfumes. Oh! How I love thee!

I recently purchased attars from floracopeia. Wow! I never thought a perfume could smell so beautiful and real. It feels like I’m wearing a pretty and sweet flower in my hair. It alters my state of being in a lovely and positive way.

Today I’m wearing champa attar. I also purchased saffron and motia attar. I might dedicate a blog post to each of them.

What are attar perfumes?

Attars are the traditional perfumes of India. They are made by infusing essential oils into a base of sandalwood oil, rightly called the fragrance of the gods.

They are made by hand the old fashioned way, which is very labor intensive but also creates a very high quality product. This practice is at least 5000 years old! Yet these attars are becoming increasingly rare because of competition from cheaper, synthetic low quality substitutes.

Best place to buy attars

If you would like to purchase attar perfumes I ask you to please do it through a supplier that promotes ecological sustainability, such as floracopeia. If you are a first time customer you can get 25% off by entering FrostyRose into box on this page.

The attars are rather expensive and come in 1 dram bottles, but I have found that they will last a long time as a little bit goes a long way. I’m willing to pay a little extra to feel so good!