Hello Ayurveda

I feel very drawn to Ayurveda right now and I want to learn as much as I can about it. I don’t think anything that happens in our lives is pure coincidence. To me it seems that we are always being guided to what we need at this moment.

Right now I feel I need a lot of love and nourishment in my life. I’m learning how to add more healthy herbs into my cooking, and I’m always waiting for the arrival of some wonderful books on Ayurvedic cooking that I bought online. I will share them with you when I’ve had time to look through them.

I’ve also just learned about a wonderful healing massage with oil called “Abhyanga”. I tried it briefly yesterday morning when I stood in the shower and just massaged sesame oil all over my body. But I did not do it quite right, and I’m looking forward to trying it again soon. I will also share that with you when I’ve tried it more. But just that one time of massaging my body with oil left me feeling a lot more relaxed and grounded. It just felt so good and right. It’s what I needed.

I hope to share more of the healing benefits of Ayurveda with you in the future.  Have you had any experienced with the healing system of India?

Wish I had more rose honey

I wish wild roses grew near me. I sometimes tell my husband that I want to live in a cottage in the woods that is overgrown by wild roses. I think that would be my dream home.

I feel I need rose in my life right now. She has a lot to teach me about love, especially self love. Whenever I drink rose tea or eat anything with rose it feels so good. I need the spirit of rose.

I remember a few years ago when I visited my home country, I stayed with an old friend. She lived by the ocean, and next to her house was a big bush of wild roses. I decided to make my first rose infused honey and I stayed by that bush for some time as I picked petals to put in a jar. It was just so wonderful. The roses smells amazing, and I remember the freshness of the air and the wildness of the sky above me. It soon started to rain.

That rose honey was so precious to me. I brought it back with me to the US and it felt so good to eat it. It tasted great and I could feel the love in it. I wish I could find some wild roses around here to pick.