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I love palo santo. I love the way it smells and I like to light it like incense and let the smoke fill my apartment with a scent of wood and rose.

I had never heard about palo santo until a little more than a week ago when I found it at Floracopeia . The name palo salto means sacred wood or holy wood. It has been used by the Incas for centuries in rituals and sacred practices. They felt it has a purifying and cleansing power and could also get rid of evil spirits.

It comes in different shapes and forms such as sticks (incense), essential oil, massage oil and hydrosol. I decided to get the incense or the sticks because it’s very easy to use and also fairly cheap. The sticks apparently will last a long time because they burn slowly.

I’ve been using palo santo a lot because it helps soothe my nerves and ground me. The scent is amazing and I love to lie down and just breathe it in and feel myself relax. I’m generally a very tense person but this incense helps me let go of what troubles me. When I first burned it I could feel a cool tingle in my scalp as tension just left it without me even really trying.

I will also use it when I do my yoga practices in the morning of evening. Usually though I burn it whenever I feel the need. It can be nice to breathe in the scent even while doing the dishes! Anything can become a sacred practice of enjoying life in the moment.

Healing properties of Palo Santo

  • This holy wood eases tension and headaches.
  • Palo santo improves digestion
  • It inspires spiritual states and moods.
  • It relieves pain in muscles and joints.
  • It improves the immune system
  • It purifies the aura
  • It soothes the nerves and brings clarity and focus.

It’s important to get palo santo from a sustainable source as the tree is endangered. That’s why I get it from Floracopeia as they harvest the chips from the ground, and they also have extremely high quality products.

Right now there is also a sale on a combined package of palo santo wood chips, essential oil, hydrosol and massage oil.

But you can also just get the more inexpensive wood chips (or sticks as I call them).

Enjoy creating sacred rituals and spiritual moments, whatever that should mean to you 🙂

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