Beautiful nature

My husband and I recently returned from a long walk in nature. It was amazing. When in nature I can really feel how tired I am from spending most of my time in the city. The noise and ugly concrete really gets to me. When I’m among trees and I can hear nothing but the wind and the birds, then I relax and feel revived.

It was a cold day. We walked towards some high green hills that were covered in mist. As I walked spotted my beloved mugwort and stopped to greet and smell her. She has the most magical scent. I did not pick her because it’s illegal to pick plants in the parks here. It’s very hard for me to walk past all those herbs and not pick them!

I also had a glimpse of a very different life as I walked. I saw myself spending most of my time in the wilderness picking herbs and being one with the earth, grounded and happy. A life like that is not possible for me right now. It makes me sad in a way, and it feels like I’m not fully in touch with myself when I live in the city.

Does anyone else feel like that?

Getting to Know Jasmine

Not long ago I read a post in someones blog about finding an herbal ally. I remember trying to figure out what my herbal ally would be, should I choose one. I could not think of any specific herb that I was really drawn to. In the past I had been captured by the magic and wisdom of mugwort, but right now there was no specific herb that was whispering to me.

On Saturday I stopped by Trader Joe’s to pick up some fresh flowers to decorate my apartment with. The moment I stepped through the doors I was hit by the most amazing fragrance. It was sweet and delicious. I look around and spotted the dainty white flowers of jasmine. I of course bought a plant and put it on the kitchen table where I keep my computer. Whenever working I would breathe in its scent.

Sometimes I feel like swooning into the pink heavenly fragrance of jasmine. It took a few days before I realized that this might be my herbal ally. I’ve always loved jasmine. I love the name, I love the little white flowers, I love the tea and I adore the scent. Whenever going for a walk I would envy those houses that had jasmine in their gardens.

I feel that this little plant is teaching me about love. Love for myself and others. Being in touch with my own sensuality.

I haven’t read any books on jasmine. Right now I don’t want to. I just want to sit in silence and let it speak to me. A lot of the communication is through feeling, and it becomes hard to put it into words. But I’m spending a lot of my time being close to jasmine and slowly it’s working on me. I can feels its effect on my body and spirit as I’m opening up to the white, happy innocence of jasmine.

How to Make Dandelion Tea

How to make dandelion tea. One of my favorite treats!


I use dried dandelion root that I purchase here.

I love dandelion tea. Especially now that it’s spring the cleaning effect of dandelion feels good on my body. Dandelion root protects the liver and gallbladder as well as many other organs of the body. It especially supports the liver in getting rid of toxins.


How to make dandelion tea.

For this you need the dandelion root. You can dig up your own roots, clean them well and chop them up. Dandelion roots are best harvested in spring or fall. As I have no  dandelions available to me, I like to get my dandelion root at Mountain Rose Herbs. Their herbs are always fresh and organic.


  • The first thing to do is to roast your roots. I like to roast them on 350 degree Fahrenheit until they turn dark brown. Some people leave them longer for a stronger taste, but I like them best this way. My apartment always smells great when I’m roasting my roots!
  • Next put your dandelion root in a pot and let it simmer for about 15 minutes. When done taste it and see if you need it stronger. You can either leave it to steep longer, or add a little more root if you want a stronger taste. Know that the longer you leave it the more bitter it will get.
  • When ready, strain the tea into a cup. I like to add some raw milk or cream to my tea, and some cinnamon sprinkled on top. Roasted dandelion tea is a great substitute for coffee. I crave it every morning. Yum!


And that’s how to make dandelion tea. Enjoy!


UPDATE: I now add chicory root to my dandelion tea blend for that extra dark roasted flavor we all love so much. You might also like my post on what are the benefits of dandelion coffee? 

Raw Chocolate With Herbs. Oh My!

A  friend of mine recently linked me to a website that sells raw chocolate. The company focuses on healthy chocolate without any sugar, and they often add herbs to their product to make it even more of a health food. It looks absolutely delicious! I think this would be an incredibly healing food for both body and soul.

Their chocolate is rather expensive however, though I can see why as it’s both healthy and hand made. I wish I could afford to buy some, but I think I will have resist the temptation for now. Maybe I can make my own healthy chocolate? Anyone know any recipes?

You can check out their chocolate at . Check out their truffles. White rose truffle sounds divine!