Finding space and time to study

I’ve decided to study herbs in the morning and also in the evening before I go to bed. This way I hope to get more focused on it instead of it being something I try to squeeze in here and there which until now has not really gotten me anywhere.

It’s very nice to bring my laptop from my office and have it on the kitchen table next to the bouquet of roses and a candle. I hope to have my little sanctuary here. I have my books open right now and I love reading about Chinese Medicine. I never thought I would to be honest, because in the beginning it seemed so strange and foreign to me. But as I learn more it starts to make sense. It’s actually very poetic.

My Birthday

This is not about herbs, well, it sort of is. It’s my birthday today, and I was expecting it to be like any other day really. My birthdays don’t tend to be very eventful. I did ask my husband to go out to a sushi restaurant together. I love sushi, and I used my birthday as a leverage to get him to go with me. Most often he prefers a good burger at In and Out. He’s a simple guy haha!

Anyway, to my surprise my husband gave me twelve red roses! He hid them behind his back and with a sheepish grin he handed them to me. I truly and honestly didn’t expect it at all. The last time my husband gave me flowers was back when we had just become a couple and I lived in Norway and he in US three years ago. He ordered flowers online and got them delivered to me on valentines. I’ve often told him I’d like gifts from him, just little ones, like flowers and chocolate. But until now he hasn’t followed through. I’ve put my lovelies in a vase and soaked in their beauty. I put them in our office at first, as you see below. I later moved them into the kitchen.

We also got a new window today to replace and old broken one. It’s nothing fancy. But the kitchen look so much brighter now and I can actually see all the way to the hills in the distance! And I also got a magazine of The Essential Herbal in the mail. It’s nice to get all these little gifts on my birthday 🙂

My new tea pot

I just received a tea pot that I bought from Mountain Rose Herbs. It is lovely. A really cute little teapot in iron.  I also bought chrysanthemum flowers because I’ve read that the Chinese drink cold Chrysanthemum tea in summer to cool off. I’ve made myself some tea already and I loved to let the flowers steep in there. It feels extra special and magical to be using a teapot to brew my tea.